Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fruchtsalat mit Honig und Wein - Fruit Salad with Honey and Wine Recipe

You may wish to substitute fruits which are in season, however, do not use citrus fruit. Serves five or six.

3/4 cup white wine
3 T. honey
2 T. chopped nuts
1 large apple
1 large ripe pear
2 ripe peaches
3 ripe apricots
1 cup strawberries or 3 to 4 ripe plums

V.S.P. Mix wine and honey together and stir in chopped nuts. Wash, peel and core fruits as necessary and cut in thin slices. If strawberries are large, cut in half, otherwise leave whole. Combine all fruit in a large glass serving bowl and pour in wine-honey dressing over them. Toss gently with wooden spoon until dressing is mixed through fruit. Chill several hours before serving.

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