Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let’s Put a Cherry On It!

Originally published June 21, 1984

The Kitchen Mouse has been seeing many fine looking cherries being offered for sale in the local markets and this is certainly the best time to purchase and use them.

There are many different varieties of cherries which are cultivated in all parts of the temperate zone and belong to one or the other of the two main varieties of sour or sweet cherries. The most extensively cultivated of the sour cherries are the amarelles, which grow widely in Sweden, the morelles and damascas. Among the sweet cherries are the geans or quignes, the hearts or bigarreaux, and the dukes.

The sweet cherry tree is a variety of the wild cherry. It originates from Greece and the East where it has been grown for centuries. There are many varieties of the American cherry, all edible and ranging in color from light yellow to dark purple and in flavor from tart to sweet. In addition to their many uses, they are also a staple in making pemmican by many tribes of the plains states.

Cherries are refreshing and highly esteemed as fruit and they can be eaten raw or cooked.

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