Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sauerbraten Recipe

This dish takes 5 days to prepare but it’s well worth waiting for. Serves 10 to 12.

6 to 7 lb. rump roast or bottom round
3 onions, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper
1-1/2 cups vinegar
1-1/2 cups water
3 bay leaves
3 whole cloves
Dash allspice
Suet or vegetable oil

Step 1. Place roast in a arge glass or Corning bowl. Add onions, salt and pepper.

Step 2. On stove, bring to a boil the vinegar, water, bay leaves, cloves and allspice. Pour over meat in bowl and refrigerate 4 to 5 days, turning meat each day.

Step 3. In a deep pan on top of stove, brown meat on all sides in oil. Add onions from marinade and brown. Pour off excess fat, then pour marinade over meat and onions, cover and simmer 2 hours.

Step 4. When tender, remove meat, strain liquid and make gravy. Slice and serve with gravy.

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