Friday, August 12, 2011

Here’s Help for Heaps of Holiday Ham

Originally published April 16, 1984

One anonymous wit defined eternity as two people and a ham. But armed with a well-flavored ham and the recipes that follow, this definition can swiftly be rendered erroneous. Whether it be for two people or for 20, no leftover can outshine ham in versatility and convenience.

Properly stored, ham will keep as long as three weeks (editor suggests one week) - ready and waiting to be sliced, chopped, cubed, diced, minced or ground. Used as a basis for a main course, as an enhancement to a vegetable, side dish or salad, or as the flavoring in a sauce or soup, ham avails itself to a host of recipes and improvisations at every meal - or snack - of the day, thus refuting any unenlightened notions and earning a reputation as a thoroughly delightful food to have on hand.

As if all these pluses were not enough, ham is a boon to the purse, for it can be used right down to (and including) the bone.

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