Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Kitchen Mouse - Chicken Wings Take a Flight Around the World

Originally published April 5, 1984

The Kitchen Mouse has discovered that  everyone has a favorite part of the chicken, and the wings have often been considered the most delicate portion.

Mrs. Beeton (1860’s) states that “The wings, breast and merrythought (wishbone) are esteemed the prime parts of a fowl, and are usually served to the ladies of the company, to whom the legs, except as a matter of paramount necessity, should not be given.” Lord Byron gave this as a reason why he did not like dining with ladies, that they always had the wings of fowls, which he himself preferred.

The Kitchen Mouse, having taken the views of both of these esteemed persons into consideration, has decided to liberate chicken wings from any prejudices but those of the palate and the family budget. We here offer a most discriminating and assorted list of recipes - using the wings in savory main dishes and as enticing hors d’oeurves, alone or in harmony with compatible sauces or vegetables - for the gastronomic pleasure of your family and guests.

Chicken Wing Recipes:
Chicken Wings Chasseur - French Hunter Style
Teriyaki Chicken Wings
Breaded Chicken Wings
Deviled Chicken Wings
Fricassee of Chicken Wings

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